Get Started on DIY Black Maddison Fencing Today

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Looking for a budget fence you can erect yourself and complies with shire regulations? Then you might like what Craftsman Fencing has to offer. Have you heard about our DIY Black Maddison fencing solution? Check it out. At Craftsman Fencing, we take pride in offering a wide selection of aluminium fencing styles that are of

You’ll Love Our Laser Cut Decorative Screen Fencing Solutions

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Are you looking for a stylish fencing solution for your home? Then you’ll love laser cut decorative fencing. It’s innovative and very classy, creating a fashionably sophisticated look. This decorative screen fencing option is the latest in gate designs. And did we say it’s laser cut? With this amazing technology, you can get countless designs

Advantages of Custom Made Fencing & Gates

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Are you looking to have a fence around your home? Perhaps a gate to keep intruders out while keeping the pets and kids in. Or a perimeter, which can help set property boundaries. Regardless of your purpose, there are a number of important considerations to make when setting up a fence. Which is why it

Glass Pool Fencing

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Are you thinking of installing glass fencing around your pool? It’s not uncommon that you hear people feeling discouraged about using glass as the material. Some say it’s fragile, fearing for it to shatter. But with the right material and proper installation, glass pool fencing is actually a wonderful option. But why glass? Are you

Modern Fencing Design for a Modern Home

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Are you considering installing a fence for your home? Not only does it add to the aesthetics of your home, it also serves privacy and security functionalities. Which is why many homeowners choose to have one. So if you’re looking for the best fence design ideas for your home, get in touch with the area’s

Need Fences? Look to the Experts in Pool Fencing Perth

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Are you looking to have barriers around your pool to ensure the safety of the kids? Perhaps keep the animals off the water too. If you want to build fences the right way, then you’ve come to the right place. Get in touch with Craftsman Fencing. We are the trusted name in pool fencing Perth.

Get in Touch with the Experts in Fencing and Gates Perth

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Looking for high-quality fencing and gates Perth? Gates and fences can serve functional and aesthetic purposes. It keeps strangers and animals off your property while keeping your kids and pets safely in. If you’re searching for top-notch fencing and gates Perth, get in touch with the  trusted name. At Craftsman Fencing, we understand that most

Looking for High-Quality Fencing Perth? Get in Touch with Us!

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Did you know setting up a fence can boost your property’s value? It also enhances the security and ensures privacy of your home or business. If you’re looking for high-quality fencing Perth WA, get in touch with the area’s trusted name. For excellent fences and gates WA, look to Craftsman Fencing. We are among the

Pool Safety and Fencing for your Home in Perth

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The safety of your family home can sometimes rely on how safe and secure the fencing surrounding your house is. Fences tend to not only provide a safety aspect to discourage trespassers, but they also provide a safe environment for younger family members to play in, whether it’s your back or front garden. This is

Safetech Hardware

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Safetech Hardware has announced a recall notice for their pool latches in relation to locking the latch with a key while the gate is open. In some instances the gate will not self latch when this occurs. Craftsman Fencing has installed these latches over the last 2 years so we would urge our customers to