Pool Safety and Fencing for your Home in Perth

The safety of your family home can sometimes rely on how safe and secure the fencing surrounding your house is. Fences tend to not only provide a safety aspect to discourage trespassers, but they also provide a safe environment for younger family members to play in, whether it’s your back or front garden. This is when the best fencing contractors perth can come in handy.

There are different types of fencing that can be provided for your home. Today, we’ll talk about pool fencing Perth. Since 2001 it is a legal requirement that approved fences and gates be installed around your pool or spa. Regular Council inspections are carried out to make sure the pool barrier complies. This is to ensure the safety of your family, visitors and even the family pet.

There are different types of pool fences you can choose. Glass, tubular fencing or a combination of both are very popular. It is recommended you talk to a fencing person who is fully conversant with the regulations and who is able to manufacture any special panels which may be required to go over retaining and garden walls. It is also very important that the materials used have been tested to conform to Australian Standards.

Now, let us talk about the pricing for this kind of project. Obviously the price will depend on the type of fence you choose with Fully frameless glass at the high end and basic design tubular fencing at the lower end. Whatever the final cost it is an investment in peace of mind knowing you have an effective barrier to your pool area.

Perhaps you have heard of other companies offering the same services that we provide and you’re wondering what sets us apart from them. One of the things that we can guarantee you is our quality of work, customer service and over 20 years experience with in the industry. We guarantee our fencing will pass Council Inspection and will happily return should they find any issue with the fence or gates.

Reliability is something that you can expect from us. We have our team of professionals who will do the job for you and they have years of experience in installing fences in this business.

We care about our customers that we value their opinion and creative input as well. We offer the best consultancy when it comes to having the right fence for your pool area and even the right gate system for your house. Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask about everything that you want to learn regarding proper fencing in your property. Now is the always the right time to take care of your house and your whole family by starting with the right fence for your pool area.

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