Aluminium Tube Pool Fencing In Tapping

We recently completed this job of aluminium tube pool fencing in Tapping. This particular design we installed is made in a contemporary style tube in charcoal grey colour that offers a modern twist on the standard pool fencing design you would usually see. The pool fence, of course, adheres to all local council regulations including

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Aluminium Slat Fence in Carramar

Here's a job recently completed by the team at Craftsman Fencing, this time it's an aluminium slat fence in Carramar. This installation of the fence provides the customer's home with additional privacy. The fence consists of 65mm horizontal slats with 20mm gaps. The finish for the fence is 'Basalt' in colour. This colour was chosen

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Aluminium Slat Double Gates in Heathridge

Another job completed by the team at Craftsman Fencing, this time it's aluminium slat double gates in Heathridge. This double gate has been installed in order to enclose a carport. This helps to provide additional security for the customer's vehicle and peace of mind for them. The gate consists of 65mm horizontal slats with 5mm

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Aluminium Flat Bar Pedestrian Gate in Dianella

Other than fences, Craftsman Fencing also supply and install gates, this particular job being an aluminium flat bar pedestrian gate in Dianella. This pedestrian gate has been installed with a BORG double sided keypad lock for additional security. The gate consists of 40x6mm vertical flat bar pickets with 50mm gaps, welded on to a 50mm

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Woodgrain Slat Gate in Clarkson

Here is a recent job our team completed, an aluminium woodgrain slat gate in Clarkson The slats are finished in a "Western Red Cedar" giving the woodgrain effect with the frame and posts finished in 'Terrain" colour. This comprised of 65mm horizontal slats with 10mm gaps adding additional security and privacy to the residence. Craftsman

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Pool Fencing in Sorrento

A recent job the team here at Craftsman Fencing completed, aluminium tube pool fencing in Sorrento. This aluminium tube style is called “Maddison” and is finished in “Jasper” colour. The design includes curved panels to follow the line of the retaining walls and dog-leg posts which help to keep the panels close to the edge

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Commercial Fencing in Glengarry

Here at Craftsman Fencing we don't just cater to residential customers, we also install commercial fencing with applications for industrial sites as well as in metropolitan areas. For this particular project in Glengarry, we supplied and installed some car park fencing for a commercial customer. The fence consists of aluminium “Square Maddison” style tube fencing

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Pool Pump Enclosure in Quinns Rocks

One of our latest projects completed by the team here at Craftsman Fencing was an aluminium slat pool pump enclosure with a gate. Consisting of aluminium 65mm horizontal slats with 10mm gaps, the enclosure was constructed to allow one of the panels to fit over the rock feature that was in place. Following the pool

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Double Swing Gate Install in Leeming

Another project recently completed by the team at Craftsman Fencing, a double swing gate install in Leeming. Consisting of aluminium 100mm horizontal slats with 20mm gaps, the gate adds an element of security to the car port and also acts as a deterrent to any would be intruders. The gate is high quality and includes

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Fence Installation in Ashby

This is a recent fence installation in Ashby that we completed. The client wanted something that complimented the property whist adding a bit of additional security. A fence can be used to define the space within your front garden and truly transform its appearance to give shape and definition. This particular design is an aluminium

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