Why Opt for Glass Pool Fencing

Did you know drowning is the leading cause of preventable death in children between the ages of zero and five? And for every death, about 10 children are hospitalized due to causes related to near-drowning.

According to statistics, swimming pools are the top site in drowning accidents among children in Western Australia. Most drowning or near-drowning incidents occur in one’s home.

Fortunately, the mortality risk can be drastically reduced if only homeowners or owners of establishments with swimming pools take crucial measures to avoid drowning or near-drowning occurrences. For starters, it is important for them to be fully aware of the potential dangers present in or around the swimming pool area. Pool owners should also have people nearby who have resuscitation or other life-saving skills.

However, prevention is still the best solution at averting drowning incidents. And with this comes the mandate calling for the installation of barriers that help keep children out of the pool area. For an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional safety solution, check out glass pool fencing.

But why glass? Isn’t that a flimsy and breakable material to use as a pool fence? Surprisingly, there are glass pool fences that are as equally durable and reliable as the traditional iron barriers.

Setting a Restrictive Barrier with Glass Pool Fences

Having a responsible person to supervise while children are in the pool area is a must. However, if a child can enter the pool area easily there can be a great risk of injury or death while no one is around.

What’s an effective solution? Putting up barriers. Avert any potential pool incident by setting up restrictions that prevent children from going into the pool area without adequate supervision or safety measures in place.

Why Choose Glass Pool Fences

Wondering why many people choose glass pool fences? Here are some of the benefits.

First off, glass pool fences look good. They offer a stylish and sophisticated solution for drowning prevention. They don’t obstruct the view of the water. And let’s face it, they complement the design of the pool area.

When installed properly, glass pool fences are one of the most durable pool barrier solutions around. They can absorb solid impact and are resilient against wear and tear and of course there is no rust due to exposure to pool water.

Being highly functional and aesthetically pleasing, glass pool fences are the ideal barrier solution that helps restrict children from having any unauthorised access to the pool area. As a pool owner, wouldn’t you want something like that?

In addition, there are many bespoke designs that can be customized and accommodated to meet various requirements of the pool owner. Should you decide on this pool area fixture, it can be a good investment for you. Glass pool fences can give you the most benefits for your outdoor or indoor pool area.

Would you like to learn more about glass pool fences? Get in touch with Craftsman Fencing.

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