What Are the Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing?

Are you looking to install a new fence around your pool; or perhaps replace the old one that you have now?

If you are considering all your options, may we interest you with glass pool fencing?

It’s not a new fencing option; it’s long been introduced and widely used in many pools, both residential and commercial. Today, techniques have been further refined and perfected to produce strong, reliable, and beautiful glass pool fencing.

Whether you need a perimeter to ensure the safety around your pool, this is a great fencing option for you. Glass pool fences are also ideal when you want to put up a decorative corral or a functional accessory.

There are many benefits of glass pool fencing.

Are you still unconvinced about glass pool fencing?

Here are the benefits of glass pool fencing;

Glass pool fences are attractive.

One of the first things you’ll notice with glass pool fences is that it looks great.

Especially with the frameless option, the most obvious benefit of glass pool fences is that it is aesthetically pleasing. It will blend beautifully with the gorgeous pool.

At Craftsman Fencing, we offer frameless glass pool fencing options. You won’t notice any negligible gaps or ugly edges on our pool barriers. Without these gaps, there’s a lower risk of having kids getting stuck or hurt as a result.

We customize this type of pool fencing. You can get the shape and size you desire, making it according to your specific requirements.

Glass pool fences are durable.

You’re probably thinking it will easily break and won’t effectively keep people from getting into the pool area.

Well, apparently, that’s not the case.

Did you know glass pool fences are just like other pool barriers?

Glass pool fences are effective safety barriers. When you want to close off the pool area, it can stop people from getting inside the restricted area. With this thing in place, you don’t have to continuously supervise the pool.

At Craftsman Fencing, we provide custom-manufactured glass that’s tough and durable. Our reinforced glass material have a thickness, ranging from 8 to 12 millimeters.

You can really expect our glass pool fences to last a really long time. More importantly, they won’t be having any changes when it comes to their aesthetics.

Glass pool fences are easy to maintain.

Did you know glass pool fences are easier to maintain compared to other pool fencing options?

Metal and iron barriers will ultimately rust and rot over time. As for wood, well, you have to consider they are less durable to metal. Plus, there is a chance of fungus infestation with wood, which looks ugly and may infect the pool.

With glass pool fencing, you’ve got none of these worries.

To keep it clean, you can use a damp cloth to wipe off the watermarks or dirt or grime. You don’t even have to think about rust or corrosion.

And speaking of hygiene, there is no risk of pool water contamination when you use glass pool fencing.

Glass pool fences are easy to install.

Our highly trained and qualified professionals will get the installation job done to ensure that your glass pool fence is properly put in place.

Are you considering getting glass pool fences Perth?

Get in touch with the professionals at Craftsman Fencing at (08) 9300 9022. You may also email us at enquiries@craftsmanfencing.com.au.

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