Custom Slat Gate in Lower Chittering

Take a look at this recently installed 65mm custom slat gate.

The slats have been made in wood grain with in an aesthetically pleasing light oak colour.

Finsihed off in a matt white frame, the end result is stylish yet simple.

The gate is pool code compliant as it opens to an outdoor bath area.

Are you looking to have a fence around your home? Perhaps a gate to keep intruders out while keeping the pets and kids in. Or a perimeter, which can help set property boundaries. Regardless of your purpose, there are a number of important considerations to make when setting up a fence.

Which is why it is best to have your fences or gates customised. It is only through proper customising that you can have the ideal perimeter for your homeā€”one that suits your unique needs and preferences.

Craftsman Fencing is a West Australian family owned business offering householders and builders exceptional quality and value for money on a vast range of fencing products and pool fences around Perth.

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