Modern & Secure Aluminium Blade Fence in Yanchep

Craftsman Fencing, renowned for our quality craftsmanship and innovative designs, recently completed installation of a striking aluminium blade fence in Yanchep. The client’s request was clear: they desired a modern fence to enclose their front yard, providing both aesthetic appeal and security while allowing their furry friend to enjoy the view. In response, we designed and installed a bespoke aluminium blade SOE (Slats on Edge) fence that perfectly met the client’s needs.

Our team of skilled designers crafted a tailored solution for the client’s requirements. The chosen style, aluminium blade SOE, features 65mm vertical slats with 50mm gaps between pickets. This design not only offers a contemporary look but also ensures adequate visibility for the homeowner’s dog while maintaining security.

To enhance the fence’s durability and visual appeal, we topped the pickets with an aluminium cap, which was meticulously powder-coated in charcoal, complementing the fence’s overall aesthetic and ensuring longevity.

Given the site’s sloped terrain and step-down, the installation presented unique challenges. We opted for a post and rail installation method to accommodate the uneven ground while ensuring a seamless and level top line.

This installation exemplifies our dedication to delivering tailored solutions that blend functionality, aesthetics, and security seamlessly. By understanding the client’s needs and addressing site-specific challenges, we have once again demonstrated why we’re a trusted name in the fencing industry.

For homeowners seeking modern, secure, and visually appealing fencing solutions, Craftsman Fencing remains the premier choice. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we continue to set the standard for quality fencing installations in Western Australia.

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