Frameless Pool Fencing In Kingsley

Below is another recently completed job by the team here at Craftsman Fencing, this time we installed frameless pool fencing in Kingsley.

The pool fencing had mirror finish fixtures resulting in a high end looking design.

There are several benefits to frameless pool fencing over traditional pool fencing. These include;

  • It’s easier to keep an eye on the kids & pets
  • They are difficult to climb over
  • Very strong due to using thick tempered glass
  • Fully compliant with Australian safety standards & council regulations
  • Resistant to pool chemicals
  • Makes an effective windbreak

Our custom fences are designed and made of only the highest quality metals and materials to ensure that you have a fence that has both a premium look, and durability.

We pride ourselves on having a product and standard of workmanship second to none for custom fencing, glass pool fences, gates and louvres.

We credit our success in the industry to the knowledge and experience of our highly trained tradesmen. For this reason we have a large number of customers returning three or four times for work on different projects and our referral rate is extremely high.

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